Heart Recaptured

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Tears stung my eyes as I felt his hands wrap in my hair. Ky leaned down and inhaled, his hips grinding against my stomach.

“Fuck, bitch. I’ve been dreaming about making you come since the first time I laid eyes on you… I want you under me, on me, wrapped tight around my cock. I want to fuck you hard, hear you scream… lick you until you can’t take it no more…”

I released a shuddering breath, my chest aching at his crass words.

Ky’s warm breath traveled down my cheek until I felt a wetness run along my lips and my eyes snapped open when I realized the source… his tongue, his tongue tasting my skin.

My hands planted on Ky’s broad chest and, as I was about to push him away, a loud, almost-deafening whistle sliced through the air.

Ky pulled back his tongue and his forehead rested against mine as he sighed, seemingly in annoyance. Feet stomped toward us on the hardwood floor. Then, suddenly, Ky was ripped from my rigid body and slammed against the wall beside me.

My eyes widened as I witnessed Styx holding Ky up by his throat. But Ky only had eyes for me. As my gaze met his, he groaned and bit his lip, his hand cupping his manhood bulging beneath his pants. Releasing a growl, Styx pulled back his hand and hit Ky hard across the face. I trembled from head to toe and strongly felt the need to leave quickly as things took a violent turn.

I averted my gaze from Styx dragging Ky toward a private room, and I noticed the rest of the club watching me, until a man with short brown hair ushered them all away.

Tears fell down my cheeks.

What had I been thinking in coming down here? I was not acting like myself. This place was corrupting my soul. Forcing me into unladylike behaviors. Women had no place challenging men, yet here I was acting all brazen and erratic.

“Lilah? Are you okay? What are you doing down here, alone?” Mae abruptly moved into my line of sight and placed her arms on my shoulders, her light-blue eyes filled with loving and sisterly concern.

I shook my head profusely. “I-I-I am just so tired and confused, and I wanted the loud, dirty music to stop. I need to sleep so badly. I am just so tired, Mae. Then he… he… he touched me… let loose my hair… put his mouth on my skin…”

A sob burst from my lips and Mae wrapped me in her arms. “He showed my hair, sister. Disgraced my modesty under God’s watchful gaze. I tempted him to touch me. I tempted another one, Mae… He spoke of salacious things… things he wants to do to me. He is under my spell. Another one, Mae. Prophet David warned that we were seductive traps, and we are! He told me he wanted to fuck me… taste me…” I shivered with disgust, unable to repeat everything he said.

“Shh… Lilah. Calm. You are not the devil as we were told all of our lives. You are not a temptress. You are beautiful. Being beautiful is not a sin.”

I balked at her words. “You blaspheme, Salome. You are forgetting scripture and speaking untruths.”

Mae’s face hardened. I had never seen her look so angry. “Lilah, stop. I do not speak untruths. I am finally talking sense. What we were told to believe all of our lives was false.” Her hands rubbed at my arms. “I am still learning things about this world myself. Every day is a lesson. Every day is a surprise when I am taught something new. But you have to try, Lilah. Both you and Maddie must try.”

“I wish not to be in this life, Mae. I am faithful to the prophet’s cause and nothing will change that. And we are temptresses. Look at the way Ky acted toward me just now!”

“First of all, Prophet David is dead, Lilah! The Order is no more. The quicker you accept this and try to learn to live again, the better we shall all be! And secondly, Styx is speaking with Ky now. Ky will be punished for humiliating you, for touching you against your will. Ky is intoxicated with liquor and acting poorly. Believe me, in the short time I have been here, I know this to be usual behavior for him.”

Mae cleared her throat and regarded me warily. “From the moment he laid eyes on you, he was smitten. I witnessed this myself when you crawled from the holding cell at the commune. And it is not because you are the devil in disguise or a witch luring him to your evil ways like Brother Noah made you—made us—believe. It is because you are blond, lithe, and beautiful—exactly the type of female he finds attractive. Ky finds no shame in propositioning a woman, in pushing his advances. This club is very much like the commune we have come from—”

“How so?” I asked suddenly, terrified for my virtue.

Mae sighed at my worry. “They have their own rules and beliefs that separate them from the outside world. Ky is second in command and with that comes certain privileges.”

“Like Brother Gabriel was to Prophet David?”

Mae nodded. “Yes. And because of this, he also holds a great deal of power amongst the Hangmen. He is also very handsome, as if you have not noticed…” Mae studied my face, so I quickly dipped my head, attempting to hide my blush. It was obvious to anyone with eyes that I had noticed. When I stepped from that godforsaken cell, he was the first thing I saw. He was just so… formidable. “So Ky has no shortage of women agreeing to join with him.”

I shook myself from my promiscuous thoughts and met Mae’s expectant gaze. I thought of the Lord and refocused on my faith, on what I had been called to believe through his words. “It is wrong,” I pushed, and Mae’s shoulders sagged. “To behave in such a way is wrong and sinful, and I am not one of his loose women, Mae. I am not to be played with and petted like a dog! I am to be pure. Only the brothers and the disciples will ever have the right to join with me, in the Lord’s Sharings. That is the only way to rid myself of the devil possessing my body… my soul. This Ky, this heathen, is not worthy of that right. He is not a man of God! How shall I ever be saved if a denizen of Satan touches me? All I want is to be saved… to be redeemed in the Lord’s eyes…”

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