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I understand that, because I understand his story. It’s not a nice story, it’s painful, and I know why he’s so damaged because of it. I reach out and take his hand. He doesn’t pull it away, but he gets tense.

“I’m sorry, Brody. I charged in here because I thought you were just being an ass. I didn’t realize it wasn’t that at all.”

He looks at me. “Let’s just forget this, okay? I was a dick; I’m sorry. I really hope you and Blade work out. He deserves someone like you.”

With that, he tugs his hand from mine and disappears into the darkness.

I’m not entirely sure that went well, but it didn’t go badly either.


I arrive home at Brody and Blade’s place, having no idea if Brody will even come home tonight. I walk inside and the lights are on dim, so the room is only just lit enough for me to see where I’m going. I walk straight down to Blade’s room, because I need him. I need him to tell me this will all be worth it in the end.

When I walk past the shower, I hear it running. Smiling, I slip in. Blade is standing in the steam, hands on the tiled wall above him, head leaning on his arms. His corded back is stretched, showing off his impressive muscles. Then there’s that ass. I swallow and slowly drop my clothes before slipping in behind him.

“Lucky I knew it was you,” he says without turning. “Or you might have found yourself with a black eye.”

I laugh softly, wrapping my arms around him. “What, did you think Brody would come in here?”

He snorts. “Come off it.”

“Hmmm,” I hum against his skin, pressing my cheek to his back.

He doesn’t move as I reach around, taking his cock in my hand. I gently stroke and it gets hard in my palm. Blade growls, low and deep, and curls his hand over mine, helping me stroke it. “Right there over my head, baby. Little quick strokes.”

I copy his rhythm, until he’s tight in my arms, wound up and ready to explode. He quickly jerks my hand away and spins around, lifting me and pinning me against the wall. His lips crush down over mine and he kisses me deep. Our tongues tangle and dance. He pulls back and sucks on my lower lip while his fingers knead my ass.

“Fuck me against this wall, honey,” I whisper.

He leans down, sucking water droplets off my chin as he lifts me up and lowers me down over his cock. I groan as he fills me, knowing this is exactly what I needed. I reach up and tangle my fingers into his wet hair, tugging his head back so I can suck on his throat. He hisses and starts driving into me, deep and hard, not holding back. I whimper, thrusting my chest up, rubbing my nipples against his chest.

He takes the hint and arches his back, sucking a nipple deep into his mouth. It pebbles beneath his touch and I groan his name. His fingers curl into my ass as his thrusts get deeper and harder. I want to come, but I also want to be damned naughty, and so I change things up. I unhook my legs and whisper, “Put me down, honey.”

He pulls back, staring at me as if I’ve lost my mind, but he lets me down. His cock slips from me, and it looks angry and hard. I instantly drop to my knees and suck myself off him from root to tip. “Holy fuck that’s hot,” he rasps, clutching my head and using it to guide his cock in and out of my mouth.

“It feels fuckin’ good, baby,” he says in a tight voice. “But I need to come inside your cunt, not in your mouth.”

He lifts me up by my armpits and attempts to put me against the wall again, but instead I turn and bend down, pressing my hands flat on the tiled floor, leaving my ass in the air, legs straight. Blade hisses and uses his fingers to run the slickness between my legs up and down, before thrusting two inside me. He fucks me like that for a while before pulling his fingers out and replacing them with his cock.

Like this he goes deep and it feels good.

“Blade,” I gasp. “Oh god.”

He fucks me slow and then fast, and then fucking slow. Then he slaps my ass and my knees wobble with pleasure. His fingers free roam as his cock drives in and out of my pussy, and when one of his fingers slides into my ass, I scream with pleasure. He barks his enjoyment and fucks me so hard my hands slip across the tiles. I come with his cock deep in my pussy and his finger in my ass.

He comes seconds later, pulling out and exploding onto my back and ass. I feel his warmth hit my skin before it’s quickly washed away with the water. He helps me up and my legs wobble enough that he leans down and scoops me into his arms. He carries us down the hall, and I pray to heaven that Brody doesn’t come home this second.

He doesn’t.

We reach Blade’s room and he carries me in, putting me down onto the bed. He kisses me with a wicked grin, before digging through his drawers and tossing me a shirt. I pull it on and sit on the bed, watching him get dressed. When he’s done, he stops in front of me, shirtless. I lean forward and press a kiss to his belly. His muscles flex and move beneath my lips. Lovely.

“That was fuckin’ hot, baby,” he murmurs, stroking my hair down.

“Hell yes it was.”

“Didn’t know my girl had a wild side.”

I look up at him and he’s smiling down at me. My heart flutters. “There’s so much for you to learn then, isn’t there?”

His grin turns genuine and warm. “Can’t fuckin’ wait, baby.”

“Right there with you, honey.”

He sits down beside me, and starts kissing me softly when we hear, “Knock, knock,” being called out.

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